We are impressed with the quality of your software! Symbolic Composer has also been tested in the Softpedia labs using several industry-leading security solutions and found to be completely clean of adware/spyware components."
100% Award, Download Symbolic Composer at Softpedia

"SCOM 7.3 has worked beautifully and I'm amazed how quickly I get scores done with the new Define Score menus! Itís also awesome how it compiles even my very early scores, which needed just ticks-to-ratios conversion. Thereís indeed some magic in SCOM, which is not found in any other composition platforms!" (Nigel Morgan, the author of Parametric Composition book and SCOMís N-Gel Module & Chicago Quartet score contribs).
"I feel like this is a MAJOR jump for SCOM 7. Thanks for the continually development. Not many programs have that kind of pedigree in an essentially steady and linear improvement in functions!"
"This mail just for say to you my first impression of the new SCOM 6.5: Awesome!! 'm so happy with the new menus, chords and degree scales, I love the new workflow upgrades and I love in general the look and feel."

"Congratulation for the new release of SCOM with Sibelius and Finale Support!"

"I love SCOM because it is so pure. I don't want alternatives!"

"It's really the most wonderful tool I have ever seen for music composition."

"SCOM steps beyond notation and playing skills, like no other software can do."

"It's all I need for music composition besides Logic and softsynths."

Downloading Symbolic Composer 7.3

Jump through the limits of your hand-playing techniques! SCOM let's you program all the details of your music without playing a note on a keyboard.

SCOM works side with Logic, Ableton, Sibelius, Finale, Encore, Digital Performer, Reason, Renoise, Reaper, Reaktor, Rondo, QuickTime, Cubase, MuseScore and MainStage.

It plays realtime audio, too, through Apple's MainStage. Apply all your plugins and synths and record final master-quality audio right from your SCOM score.

Select a function from SCOM's vast arsenal, and press Listen button. Tweak the sounds and record results as a source material to be edited in your DAW.

Earlier in SCOM 7.2 Series

SCOM 7.2.6 - Maintenance update and adds fix-repeats, which allows to quickly remove repetitions from generated melodies and chords and replace them with iterated Cambiata. Adds also direct method to turn symbols into tonality zones.

SCOM 7.2.5 - Focuses on easier new/old user installation. It also fixes OS X related load errors and adds :bit control to gen-binary.

SCOM 7.2.4 - How about turning a poem to music?  Included in SCOM 7.2.4 are Nigel's Archetypes that show how to make it happen. Handles vowel/consonants, too. Slow down tempo and experiment with synthesized ambient music from a new perspective.

SCOM 7.2.3 - Timings, Impulses and Clusterizations in the style of 50's Stockhousen + Tonality Reduction & Spreading are now included in your toolbox. Added with hi/lo length selections.

SCOM 7.2.2 - Adds El Capitan compatible MidiTrail. Included is also bus mixer, which provides quick summing devices for symbols, velocities, lengths, tonalities and vectors.

SCOM 7.2.1 - Discover gen-pi, dup-section, gen-symlen and chain-ornament. Simulate with gen-remarkov and slim down with pulse-timesheet.

SCOM 7.2 - El Capitan compatibility support. Isolated processes, large memory model and optimized compiler with upto 30% speed increase. User-interface enhancements. Sibelius 7.5, Reaper and Renoise support. SCOM 1.0-2.0 release score compatibility. Section inversions, reversions, chain-ornaments and a dozen of other new functions.

SCOM 7.3.2 For The Macintosh

SCOM 7.3.2 includes now Periodic Table of Elements, that let's you apply atom electron orbits (such as Oxygen, Plutonium, etc) into music making. This update also fixes a bug on Listen Background & Multi-Input Templates, and allows variable-length zon specification in def-timesheet. OS X 10.6-10.12 compatible.

Download Symbolic Composer 7.3.2
(Dec 17 2016 -  7.3.x update, just drag the app to your SCOM 7.3 folder)


Symbolic Composer is a non-profit project, and needs your contribution to cover maintenance costs caused by OS changes, bug fixes and new function additions. You can contribute to the project either by payment below, or supplying your scores and functions

New Install
New SCOM installation (1 install). Ask for 3 install pack for your studio.
Upgrading from SCOM 5.0-7.2, or
crossgrading from SCOM Win 5-6?
Payment is processed by secure FastSpring using Credit Card or Paypal. Once ok, you'll be send the key by email that will unlock SCOM into full operation.

Previously in SCOM 7.3 Series

SCOM 7.3.1 - How about turning Plutonium, Einsteinium or Californium into music? This update adds Periodic Table of Elements to SCOM's vast arsenal of exclusive music making tools. Atom Orbitals suits the best in Contemporary and Experimental Music Styles.

SCOM 7.3 - This is a major update, and a must for composers working with the program. It is MacOS Sierra Compatible, and includes dozens of new functions, even voice print tool for Vocoder Singing applications.

It also adds time-saving instrument solo/mute switches to sections, and mini-mixer that let's you mix controller parameters, and adds support for Sibelius-grade free MuseScoreNightly notation app, too.

It also fixes old controller anomalies of previous SCOM 5-7 series. And it updates example scores and snippets to section-chaining, which makes exampes easy to modify for your purposes.

Added up with
streamlines menus and describe help items, and capability to load old sessions. If you prefer working with the old Zone-System, you'll find them now unified in Z-Scores menus.

SCOM 7.3 also highlights score's variables which allow you to better understand intermediate stages of a composition. Included are Nigel's recent Chicago Quartet and N-Gel SCOM 1-5 compatibility function pack with sources. Full details of the 7.3 update are included in the program.

Symbolic Composer 6.3.3 For the Windows is a classic release. It is a superset of the original Symbolic Composer 1.0 Core with huge amount of extensions.

Symbolic Composer 6.3.3 has fluent menus, extended documentation, standard copy/paste, full multitasking and Listener, custom desktop placements and detailed and user-extendable System Index menus.

Symbolic Composer 6.3.3 interface operates like a Mac, with Go menu, Related menu, and it comes with Snapshots feature, which allow to quickly reload files of earlier projects.

Symbolic Composer generates standard MIDI files, that are played with Windows default .mid File Opener, which are defined in Windows Preferences. This lets Symbolic Composer open MIDI results in your preferred playback system or a sequencer.

Symbolic Composer 6.3 For Windows

Symbolic Composer is one of the most powerful music languages ever developed on a computer. 

Download Symbolic Composer 6.3.3 Win

After downloading the zip file expand it, and place the Symbolic Composer folder in the Program Files folder.

Payment is processed worldwide by efficient and secure US-based FastSpring service. Once ok you'll be send the key by email that will unlock SCOM into full operation.

New Install
New SCOM installation (1 install). Ask for additional installs for your studio.
Upgrading from previous SCOM Win.

Realtime Playback Hints

Want to play Symbolic Composer immediately through softsynths in realtime?  Install MIDI Yoke (Windows XP), or Loopbe30 (Windows 7 or higher). Download also MIDITrail for Windows, and set it to send MIDI through MIDI Yoke or Loopbe30. Those are all free apps.

Check out SCOM, Loopbe and MIDITrail in Windows 7.pdf document, which shows how to make it. Apply to your needs and email us other solutions you may find out.

Symbolic Composer is VMware Fusion, VirtualBox, Parallels Desktop, Bootcamp and Wine savvy.

You can run SCOM Mac in Windows or Linux, or you can run SCOM Win in Mac or Linux.

You can even run old SCOM Mac in older OS X through virtualization.

How about running SCOM in other platforms?

You can run SCOM in any machine, virtual or physical, which runs OS X or Windows, such as a hacintosh or custom-build audio workstation. Test the demo first to ensure it runs in your system.

What is virtualization?

Virtualization allows to run other operating systems inside your native operating system.

Virtualization is rugged technology used by server farms and cloud services, also available for personal use.