What-if: Discovering Virtual Composing Scenarios
Symbolic Composer allows you to play with what-if scenarios not otherwise possible:
  • Programming a virtual orchestra and let it perform with simulate mistakes.
  • Programming a compositional model, that composes for your virtual orhestra a dozen of scores and pick up the best.

What-if Composing

How would a fugue sound if Bach had lived in India and had access to sampler technology? How does a 12-tone serial piece sound in the style of Rave Party? Would you like to compose for 59-step tuned piano?

Virtual Orchestra At Your Service

Symbolic Composer allows natural performance mistakes. Absolutely tuned synthesizers and perfect MIDI timings create listening fatique. Symbolic Composer enables to overcome the faults of digital technology and create natural-sounding performances. Humanizing is applicable on any performance or composition level.

Evolutionary Composing

Welcome to evolutionary composing. Symbolic Composer lets you develop and model styles. You can then use the models to generate mutations. Simulate mistakes, distort perfection, listen, guide the process, and pick up the best.