How to Download Symbolic Composer?

Symbolic Composer is music composition language that lets you program any detail of your music.

It’s a thinking tool for pre-compositional melody, harmony, rhyhtm and structural arrangements.

Symbolic Composer works side with side with Logic, Ableton, Sibelius, Finale, Encore, Digital Performer, Reason, Renoise, Reaper, Reaktor, Rondo, MuseScore and QuickTime.

Symbolic Composer also includes instant playback and notation. And it rigs together with Apple’s MainStage allowing production-quality audio right from the score.

Hit Listen&Play and instantly hear the algorithms. Modify score and hit Play again. Use Common Lisp language and program your own functions.

Symbolic Composer covers nearly all tunings, chords, scales and compositional methods from the past 500 years – and a vast arrangement of algorithms of the future, too.

Your Contribution Welcome

Symbolic Composer is a non-profit Artificial Intelligence project, and needs your contribution to cover maintenance costs caused by OS changes, bug fixes and new function additions. Upgrades are required to cover these costs.

You can also contribute by submitting Lisp functions and scores made with Symbolic Composer.

Download the application and take a look on its deep menus to know more about the capabilities.

See details in User’s Manual > Latest Update Info within the application Index. There’s a lot new stuff!

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