Symbolic Composer 6.3 For Windows

Symbolic Composer is one of the most powerful music languages ever developed on a computer.

After downloading the zip file expand it, and place the Symbolic Composer folder in the Program Files folder.

Download first the program. It runs in demo mode and lets you review full content. When you want to start using it click on the below buttons (store requires browser cookies).

When the payment is processed you will receive email confirmation from Shortly after this, registration code will arrive via email to you from that will unlock the program into full operation.

Playback Using Realtime Softsynths?

If you want to play Symbolic Composer immediately through softsynths you need to install MIDI Yoke (Windows XP), or Loopbe30 (Windows 7 or higher). Download also MIDITrail for Windows, and set it to send MIDI through MIDI Yoke or Loopbe30. Those are all free apps.

Here is SCOM, Loopbe and MIDITrail in Windows 7.pdf document, which describes a test. Apply to your needs and email us other solutions you may find out!

Symbolic Composer 6.3.3 For the Windows is a classic release. It is a superset of the original Symbolic Composer 1.0 Core with huge amount of extensions.

Symbolic Composer 6.3.3 has fluent menus, extended documentation, standard copy/paste, full multitasking and Listener, custom desktop placements and detailed and user-extendable System Index menus.

Symbolic Composer 6.3.3 interface operates like a Mac, with Go menu, Related menu, and it comes with Snapshots feature, which allow to quickly reload files of earlier projects.

How Does SCOM Operate?

Symbolic Composer generates standard MIDI files, that are played with Windows default .mid File Opener, which are defined in Windows Preferences. This lets Symbolic Composer open MIDI results in your preferred playback system or in a sequencer/DAW.

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